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The Historical Society of Woodstock

and Theatre on the Road present

Voices from the Past
Meet seven historical characters that shaped the story of Woodstock, New York.

You are invited to go back in time where you’ll meet early settlers Charles Krack and Elias Hasbrouck, George Mead, proprietor of the Mead’s Mt. House, artist and writer, Anita Smith, Betsy Booth, a medicine woman, Elizabeth Reynolds of the famed board house, and Andrew Mink, an early African-American settler. Your experience will include the original play, cider, snacks, and live period music.

September 10th and 17th at 3 pm
20 Comeau Dr., Woodstock
$15 in advance. $20 general admission.
$15 students and seniors

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A benefit for the Historical Society of Woodstock
Written and Directed by Lydia Pidlusky
Produced by Theatre on the Road